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Washing Line Covers

Brabantia Washing line covers are designed to protect your washing line keeping it clean and dry when the weather is bad. We stock the four covers to suit all of the drying fames within the range. The Brabantia wallfix has a protective cover made of hard wearing weather resistant materials which fastens simply over the washing line with two press studs and a secure cord. Also available for the wall fix is the protective storage box which discreetly keeps your wallfix dryer hidden from wind and rain when not in use. The storage box fits simply to the wall over the top of the wallfix and opens at the press of a button. For all standard rotary washing lines the Brabantia rotary cover is the perfect fit, it is made of high-quality weather resistant plastic and has a zip fastener along the length of the cover so it is easy to put on and remove. If you have a Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Advance or Smartlift model then you will need the special Advance cover as this is larger in size so it can accommodate the two largest washing lines in the Brabantia range.

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